Marketing & Communication

È la divisione dedicata alla ricerca e selezione di professionisti altamente specializzati nelle funzioni di marketing strategico, operativo, di prodotto e della comunicazione.


VP Logistics | Internazionale
Acting as the chief strategist and architect for the NYC area supply chain footprint; this means being responsible for the coordination of all supply chain functions (demand and production planning,... Vai all'offerta
RIF. 006596

Senior Interior Designer | Internazionale
Participating in or leads programming and pre-planning design analysis;Possessing a strong knowledge of the design process, including FF&E, furniture systems, and specifications;Being capable and... Vai all'offerta
RIF. 006595

Retail Business Development Manager | Internazionale
Researching, identifying, analyzing and recommending specific business opportunities for the profitable growth of the retail business; Developing budget for the department and seeking approval on... Vai all'offerta
RIF. 006594

VP Trade Marketing | Internazionale
Planning, implementing and monitoring performance of sales team through development of short and long range strategies with existing and new markets segments;Developing and implementing strategic... Vai all'offerta
RIF. 006593

Marketing Director | Internazionale
Contributing to marketing effectiveness by identifying short-term and long-range strategic plans;Obtaining market share by developing marketing plans and programs for each product; Maintaining... Vai all'offerta
RIF. 006584

Brand Manager | Internazionale
Taking brand ownership, analise the market and provide the vision, mission, goals and strategies to match up;Monitoring market trends, research consumer markets and competitors' activities to identify... Vai all'offerta
RIF. 006583

Internal Trainer | Lombardia
Progettazione della formazione commerciale;Contatto con i team internazionali per la definizione ed implementazione di nuovi training model;Organizzazione ed erogazione di training session in... Vai all'offerta
RIF. 005926

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